Where are you located?

We are a home-based business, located in NW Calgary.  The community of Royal Oak, if you are familiar with the city.


Can I pick up my order?

Short answer - sorry, no.

Long answer - as a home-based business, there are certain rules we must abide by in order to operate from home.  We cannot advertise or have signage indicating we operate a business and we cannot disrupt the traffic flow/environment of the neighbourhood.  This, in essence, means we cannot have individuals come to the house to pick up their orders.  


Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we now offer delivery for Calgary residents.  Please refer to our Shipping information page for more information. 

Online shopping -

1. What size cuts are offered?

Customers can purchase yardage in 1/2 yard increments.  Ordering 1 = 1/2 yard, 2 = 1 full yard, etc.  All fabric is cut in one continuous piece.  


2. Can I add to my order?

Yes!  If your order has not shipped, leave a note at checkout and send us an email   at info@adventuresinfabric.ca to let us know you wish to add to your original order.  


3. How can I be sure of an item's colour?

We do our best to ensure photos accurately represent the fabric colours.  However, due to variations in computer monitors, fabric colours may appear slightly different across devices.  If you are unsure of a colour, please contact us at info@adventuresinfabric.ca and we will do our best to describe the colour.  


4. A fabric I was looking at is no longer listed.  Can I still order it?

If a fabric is no longer listed, it is either sold out or discontinued.  Please contact us at info@adventuresinfabric.ca to see if it can be restocked.   


 Returns -

1. Can I return the cut fabric I purchased?

We do not accept returns on any cut fabric, including pre-cuts or kits.  All sales are final.  


Why do you sell by the yard and not by the meter?

The majority of our fabric arrives on 10 - 15 yard bolts.  10 yards = 9.1440 meters.   15 yards = 13.716 meters.  Our current web platform does not allow us to input 9.1440 or 13.716 etc and in order to maintain accurate inventory, we opted to sell our fabric by the yard.  We did research other Canadian online fabric stores to ensure we were not alone in doing so.